6 Ways To Be Charming And Get The Girl With Your Charm

You have heard the saying that a certain so and so can charm the pants off anyone and that Errol Flynn had lots of it. You do not have to be Irish to be charming. All you need is a little bit of technique and know how to be charming and then charm the girl you wish to charm.

1. Warmth

You may have power due to position or wealth. You may be strong as a WW champion. However, if you lack warmth then you do not have the essential charisma that charms a girl. Show you care with words, with actions, and with deeds and you do make a more pleasing impression. You maintain eye contact, smile and evince interest in what the girl is saying.

2. All praise and appreciation
All praise and appreciation

If you are sort of putting the make on a girl you do not set out to impress her with your money, power, and strength. Instead, listen and exclaim over how capable she is and that you wish you could achieve so much. According to www.torontoescorts.mobi, genuine flattery works and you will find that she is so into you in no time at all. At the same time admit your flaws. It arouses sympathy in her.

3. The Eyes have it
The Eyes have it

Whether you are talking or listening, direct eye to eye contact is a must if you wish to worm your way into her heart. Eye contact is extremely essential for communication. In fact you may be saying something or she may be saying something but the eyes and the soul talk in their own language. Listen and let her talk and her eyes communicate. Keep smiling and nodding to show you are attentive.

4. Manners

The lady looks for them first in you. If you have cool manners you come across as a gentleman and, well, blondes and others prefer gentlemen. Come across as caring and considerate in your manners and she will feel like a queen or princess. Every girl has a princess inside. Make her feel like one.

5. Mindfulness

Mindfulness means conscious awareness. Of yourself and the girl, you wish to charm. Mindfulness about yourself means paying particular attention to clothing, your hair and minor details that she will notice. Importantly, observe yourself objectively and how you conduct yourself. At the same time, you will find that being mindful of the girl, her reactions and what she is saying and what she means can help you on your journey.

6. Touch

There’s touchdown in baseball and a touch point in the progression path towards charming your girl. So you have looked deep into her eyes, listen to her and entranced her with your hypnotic voice. The next point is touch. Pat her hand when you talk and look in her eyes. It works wonders. Jeff Haden is a firm believer in the power of touch and it is not for healing but for charming the girl.

Some guys are naturally charming and women fall for them easily. If you are not in that bracket, do not worry. Use these techniques. Women are waiting to be charmed. Remember, the serpent got to Eve with an apple and sweet words.