Reasons Why Online Dating is A Tough Nut To Crack For Men

Gone are the days when we met our life partners in school or other social circles. Then came the era when people would find potential partners in clubs or bars. Now, with the digital world influencing a major part of all our lives, we have resorted to using dating apps like Tinder and Bumble and other social media platforms like Facebook to find our soul mates.

man on laptop

This does have a lot of advantages, there are a lot more options available in online dating than if you were to go to a particular place with the hopes of meeting someone you like.

If you want to seem attractive or attract the opposite gender, you no longer have to go and get an expensive dress or curl your hair; all you have to do is update your profile.

While this works very well for women and they seem to be doing good in online dating, a majority of the men find it difficult to court a girl over the Internet. Here are some reasons why:

High Competition Due To Gender Imbalance
High Competition Due To Gender Imbalance

According to statistics, there is a gender imbalance in the Human Sex Ratio with more number of women than men. Naturally, this means that women have more options than men and there’s no scarcity of suitors for women. In an online environment, on average, a girl gets many friend requests from guys and she gets to pick who she would like to have a conversation with. Sadly, this is not the same for men. They face a lot of rejections which in turn, lowers their self-esteem.

Not All Men Are Expressive
Not All Men Are Expressive

The most important factor in attracting a girl online is holding a conversation. Most men are not very expressive and though they can be interesting via text, it’s difficult for them to express their feelings and emotions over text messages. This makes it a bit difficult for them to win a girl’s heart through online dating.

Men Are More About Actions
Men Are More About Actions

Men are capable of showing their interest through small gestures, or they express their love through grand romantic gestures. The online world does not give men a chance to show their chivalry or other nice gestures.

Women Are Cautious
Women Are Cautious

With the growing number of cyber crimes and other assaults in the world, women are now extra cautious about meeting strangers. Most women are worried before they meet their Internet friends for the first time and take measures such as meeting in a crowded place. With women always being on their toes and ready with a flight plan, innocent guys are stuck with no other choice than to live with the consequences of malicious actions of fellow men.

Sometimes, trying new dating sites like Toronto Escorts before it gets widely popular works in favor of men. Identifying some strategies, doing the right things and being yourself can help you get yourself the girl you like.

There are plenty other reasons that make it difficult for men to gain a woman’s interest online, but then, it only has to happen once and then there’s no turning back. After all, your soul mate could be one click away (or let’s be realistic, fifty clicks away, but hey, who’s counting?).

6 Ways To Be Charming And Get The Girl With Your Charm

You have heard the saying that a certain so and so can charm the pants off anyone and that Errol Flynn had lots of it. You do not have to be Irish to be charming. All you need is a little bit of technique and know how to be charming and then charm the girl you wish to charm.

1. Warmth

You may have power due to position or wealth. You may be strong as a WW champion. However, if you lack warmth then you do not have the essential charisma that charms a girl. Show you care with words, with actions, and with deeds and you do make a more pleasing impression. You maintain eye contact, smile and evince interest in what the girl is saying.

2. All praise and appreciation
All praise and appreciation

If you are sort of putting the make on a girl you do not set out to impress her with your money, power, and strength. Instead, listen and exclaim over how capable she is and that you wish you could achieve so much. According to, genuine flattery works and you will find that she is so into you in no time at all. At the same time admit your flaws. It arouses sympathy in her.

3. The Eyes have it
The Eyes have it

Whether you are talking or listening, direct eye to eye contact is a must if you wish to worm your way into her heart. Eye contact is extremely essential for communication. In fact you may be saying something or she may be saying something but the eyes and the soul talk in their own language. Listen and let her talk and her eyes communicate. Keep smiling and nodding to show you are attentive.

4. Manners

The lady looks for them first in you. If you have cool manners you come across as a gentleman and, well, blondes and others prefer gentlemen. Come across as caring and considerate in your manners and she will feel like a queen or princess. Every girl has a princess inside. Make her feel like one.

5. Mindfulness

Mindfulness means conscious awareness. Of yourself and the girl, you wish to charm. Mindfulness about yourself means paying particular attention to clothing, your hair and minor details that she will notice. Importantly, observe yourself objectively and how you conduct yourself. At the same time, you will find that being mindful of the girl, her reactions and what she is saying and what she means can help you on your journey.

6. Touch

There’s touchdown in baseball and a touch point in the progression path towards charming your girl. So you have looked deep into her eyes, listen to her and entranced her with your hypnotic voice. The next point is touch. Pat her hand when you talk and look in her eyes. It works wonders. Jeff Haden is a firm believer in the power of touch and it is not for healing but for charming the girl.

Some guys are naturally charming and women fall for them easily. If you are not in that bracket, do not worry. Use these techniques. Women are waiting to be charmed. Remember, the serpent got to Eve with an apple and sweet words.

6 Ways How You Can Tell Your Best Friend That You’ve Fallen in Love With Him

It should not come as a surprise if you end up falling in love with your best friend. It is pretty natural if you come across such a situation since you understand each other, care for each other, and probably love each other, but no one expressed it. So how do you express your love to your best friend?

You will find several ways to express your feelings to your loved one, but it is also essential that you know what the real tips are so that you don’t fail in your objective. To assist you in your task, escorts Toronto suggests the following ways to tell your best friend your true feelings about them:

1. Express Yourself

The simplest and best way is to approach the person you like and tell them straight that you want them badly and madly. Why is this method the best?

Well, it reflects your confidence to express feelings that really matter. It shows your love and affection. Also, it doesn’t involve the manipulation of your emotions and messages which is always there if you take the assistance of your any random friend.

2. Articulate Your Feelings in a Letter
paper love

If you lack the confidence to talk to the person to express your love and are looking for the ways that deliver your genuine feelings and emotions to them, then writing a love letter is another method. Although you can write a note on a piece of paper or in your phone, going with the traditional style is more promising.

3. Involve a Friend
Involve a Friend

To try this method, it is essential that the person you are about to talk to is affected by your thoughts and ideas. If you can convince the person, only then you can use them to get your message conveyed.

Involve the friend whom you trust and understand, not just any friend. If you lack the confidence to so this, learn some ways to influence the people around you and get what you want to be done.

4. Buy Them a Gift
Buy Them a Gift

The method of buying gifts to the persons you liked and loved has been around since time immemorial, and now it comes to your rescue as well. Since you are friends with the person whom you like, you must know the likes and dislikes as well of them. Use this knowledge to express your liking for them. Think of the gift that answers the purpose and makes them want to accept your proposal.

5. Take Them Out on a Coffee
Take Them Out on a Coffee

A cup of coffee is always good for discussion, and if you need some quality time with the person you like so that you can think of a tactful way to tell your love to them, then going for coffee is another method.

Don’t go for any strong flavor while choosing the coffee. Go with the flavor that enlightens the mood and adds cheerfulness to the conversation.

6. Go For a Movie
Go For a Movie

It is pretty evident that you and the person whom you like will be going for movies several times a month once they accept your proposal so why not start this all with a movie itself?

Once you are done making up your mind about going for a film, chose the one that relates to your story, i.e. where a person purpose to their best friend. It will surely melt their heart and drop them in your arms.

7 Most Apparent Signs That She Has Fallen For You

Love relationships are difficult to navigate. However, they do get a bit easier when the initial “does she like me?” questions are put to rest. If you’re wondering whether your new partner is really that interested in you, keep reading.

1. She’s Shy Around You

When women are really interested in a partner, they tend to get shyer than usual. Typically, these sensitive women are struggling to get past the butterflies in their stomach. If you notice that she is suddenly very quiet and uncomfortable around you, chances are that she’s really into you.

2. She Loves to Give You Presents

Many women show their love by gifting the object of their affection with something special. If you find that the woman you are dating constantly surprises you with cute gifts, she’s probably doing this to show how much she cares for you. Moreover, when women feel that they have a partner that they could see in a longterm relationship, they want to show that they are ready to commit by putting their energy, money or time into giving you a gift not ready to commit go with Top Notch Escorts.

3. She’s Acting Like a Child

Of course, we hope your love interest isn’t throwing a temper tantrum with you, but she may be showing some childlike behavior in other ways. This type of behavior is anything that is really cutesy that also shows her innocence. By showing this side of herself to you, she is communicating that she can trust you with her vulnerabilities.

4. She Asks You About Your Life

A woman that isn’t interested in you doesn’t really care to know the intimate details of your life. Alternatively, when a woman really likes you, she’ll go out of her way to learn everything she can about you. If you find that she continues to ask you more personal questions, take it as a sign that she wants to be with you.

5. She is the One that Starts the Conversation

Women generally avoid starting conversations, even with men that they like. If a woman calls first or sends the first text, this is a strong sign that she really enjoys talking to you. Moreover, if the conversations move beyond basic everyday topics, it’s likely she wants you to step up and make the next move.

6. She is Really Interested in Everything You Talk About

A man can easily discern if a woman is into him based on her apparent level of interest. Consider this: you are telling your beautiful partner from Toronto escorts about your work as a computer programmer. Instead of pretending to listen to you, she pays attention, asks questions, and genuinely shows that she wants to keep hearing you out. This shows that this woman really is interested in you.

7. She Tries to Impress You Physically

Whether she’s wearing her tightest dress or she asked you if you like her new haircut, if she’s getting all dolled up for you, it’s because she wants to impress you. While she usually looks good, if she always puts in extra effort just for you, she’s into you.

Don’t spend another minute wondering how she feels about you. Use these seven tips to determine what your next move should be.e wondering how she feels about you. Use these seven tips to determine what your next move should be.

6 Sexy Qualities You Need To Have To Impress A Big City Girl

Whether you’ve moved to a new place or you’re not used to the independently confident women found in cities like New York, Miami, LA, and the like, there’s no doubt that you’ve realized these women are in a whole new category. Instead of pining away for one of these girls, it’s time you upped your skills and learned how to impress worldly women.

Winning Over Women
Women are mysterious in their own right, particularly when they are out of your league. If you’re wondering how to win over a woman like this, read on for six simple ways you can impress a big city girl.

1. Be Confident

Women that are self-assured want a man who is as confident as them. Having self-confidence and knowing you deserve the same in a woman is ironically what will draw her to you. For example, when escorts toronto are out with a man, they pay attention to how he carries himself. A man that exudes confidence is automatically sexier than another man that is insecure.

2. Avoid Being an Attention Grabber

Some men think they can get the woman they want by being louder than other men that are aiming for her attention. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. By approaching women in a sexier and softer way, you’ll be able to get her to let her guard down, as opposed to the man that is screaming for her attention.

3. Never Underestimate Eye Contact

Men often fail to realize that women find eye contact sexy. While there’s a fine line between a creepy stare and a seductive gaze, if you master the latter, you’ll find that every woman you meet will be drawn to you. As you glance at her, be sure to look at her best features like her eyes, hair, mouth, or nose.

4. Dress to Impress

The way you dress is either an instant turn on or turn off. Wear clothes that show off your well-honed fashion sense. Additionally, keep your hair and beard well-groomed at all times. Whatever city you’re in and whatever room you walk into, you’ll be guaranteed that all eyes will be on you.

5. Have Intelligent Conversations

When you get the opportunity to talk to your beautiful city girl, don’t blow it. Too many men approach her with cheesy pickup lines and empty compliments. Engage her in a stimulating conversation that she will enjoy.

6. Show Her that You Want to Take Care of Her

While women don’t need you to care for them, showing that you want to and can make her look at you differently. Don’t hesitate to pay for her drinks, meals, or cab rides home. By stepping up and paying for her, you will already be setting yourself apart from other men.

Women are only a mystery until you take the time to understand them. Use these six strategies to help you get to know and win your confident woman over.